Three’s A Crowd… Truthfully???

There aren’t many couples that would ever consider adding a third person to a delicious party of two… but for those yummy enough to venture out into the unexplored lands of the most twisted – it can become a thrill ride unlike any other!


While I might be young, I can safely say that I have had a great deal of experience… and this had lead me (as a married 22 year old) to believe that the amount of pleasure you apprehensively jot down in your disgustingly naughty journal, from the age you gave up your virginity – as easily you now would your mother in law – to the age that you suddenly realise a Zimmer Frame has become a basic necessity.. is entirely up to you!

Do you really care about what others think about you? When the slurring slut in the corner mentions that she is feeling for a little anal after a large, spicy taco – do you cringe? Or do you admire her for her courage to openly admit what it is that her inner kitten craves??


You see, there are many fetishes that we tend to snarl and snicker at without actually giving them the time of day.. I mean, do you honestly appreciate how delicious it is to simply utter the secrets you come to alone, while your husband is at work, to friends that have all too often suspected your German ways but never truly understood them?? Sharing really is caring – and boy oh boy ladies and gents – do I suggest you share 😉

This weekend, I encourage you,,, no – DARE you – to experiment with something out of your comfort zone… look back on these days and smile while blushing at the thought of how much of a whore you really can be, without shame – as your master watches, when you trust your instincts and inner most desires…


Take Me.

I want you all. I want to know what makes you tick, what you love to hear, what you are curious about, what you want to see… I want to make you feel happy, horny, naughty, inquisitive, kinky, angry and wonderful all at the same time. I want to know what scares you, what you have tried and what you never will.


I am nothing without having you share your thoughts with me.

Going through some personally taxing and confusing sexual issues? I crave to hear from and assist you. Curious about something delicious you have never tried before but too apprehensive to give it a try without knowing more first? I would be honoured to share my experiences with you and if it is, by some chance, something that I have never experienced – I most certainly am not afraid to do the research with you.


I love and adore sex. I am not doing this to get my kicks. I am doing this because I want you to love and adore sex too.

Not only do I have a scrumptious collection of European certified toys for you to cherish, available at the best prices possible, but I also am open to your suggestions, reviews, needs, wants and world. All I ask is that you take this journey with me.


Open your mind – nobody likes a prude. Confront that which intimidates you head on and know that you are but one intense, divinely dirty orgasm away from the sexual being you are meant to embrace.

Let no one tell you what is wrong. It’s this negativity that keeps us from taking the fantasies that consume our magnificent minds and making them reality. Break free from your shackles… Use them in the bedroom instead. We were never meant to be slaves to our sexuality, unless of course role play calls for it.


Be Obscene ladies and gentlemen 😉

Back to Basics

Sex and sexuality is so simple and yet we seem to over complicate things so much. One painful blow to our kinky ego causes us to behave differently when it comes to doing the dirty forever, and a moment of embarrassment leads us to never trying something new or ‘unusual’ again.

My question is why?

 If we can lose loved ones, go through unimaginable heartbreak, be alone, bullied, experience excruciating pain and still come out on the other side of it all stronger and better than ever  before – then why is it that carnal, delicious fucking can’t be the same?


I encourage you to move on…. Have an ex that cheated on you with men/women that are the complete opposite of you? Have a wife that left you for another woman, ten years and three children later, or perhaps a husband that has recently started wearing your underwear?

Get over it and move on from what you cannot accept… deep down we all have fantasies that we feel are too taboo to embrace, fantasies that we only tell a very select few or maybe even choose to keep to ourselves for an entire lifetime, fearing judgment and isolation.


I encourage you to never stop learning. Communicate with your partner and realize that if your hardcore, insane and downright OBSCENE wishes aren’t going to come true with him/her, it is time to move on to a kinky counterpart that probably has naughtier thoughts than you do.

You can’t fight the natural order of things. Mufasa will hunt and kill Bambi… Gay men do have anal sex and some people want to be bitten until they bleed. Gone are the days where we need to leave a sex store with a hood over our bowed heads and sinful goodies hidden in a brown paper bag as if what we are going home to do is illegal.


I dare you to stand proud and acknowledge that what your primitive being craves is worth pursuing. Know that while there are sexual boundaries out there that should never be crossed – it is nothing that a yummy outfit and a bit of role play with the right person cannot bring to life instead.

The festive season has arrived and if you aren’t already on leave, you will be soon. Do something that will make the prudes cringe and the like minded nod their heads in admiration 😉


Be Obscene ladies and gentlemen.

Agonising Abstinence

I have never been the type to consider sex before marriage sinful or wrong, nor do I think that it takes away from the commitment of marriage once you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and yet, after years of experience and trying many things I never thought I would even consider doing, let alone adore doing – I find myself seven days into a month long vow of celibacy…

sexy comment couple

Believe it or not, this was actually my idea… at the time, my choice was based more on me wanting to prove to my partner that I could actually survive without any sexual acts (yes, we have excluded passionate kissing here as well – what the hell was I thinking???) as well as simply challenging myself with something that I knew would not be easy to achieve – but now I see that this invisible chastity belt of pain and anguish is far more valuable than I imagined.


Still, I type this… tongue on the floor, panties in a knot, mind darting from one pornographic image to the next – desperately fantasizing about the beautifully wrapped handle of our bamboo cane tightly nuzzled between his fingers, that now sits lonely in a corner calling my name each and every single day as I open the front door after a hard days work… torture? Oh you have no idea!


It is now, at my weakest, that I ask all of you to please Be Obscene for me while I wait for the chance to make up for lost times on our wedding night… I dare you, I implore you, challenge you and think of you – make me proud ladies and gentlemen!!!


Fear and Loathing in the Bedroom

While writing articles about fantasy and what my sexual dreams may or may not entail has been fun… I have decided to take the more realistic approach.

bite-black-and-white-lips-photography-sexy-favim-com-225270 (1)

You see, sex to me, whether kinky or vanilla, comes naturally. It is an act that I am not afraid to embrace and short of scat, there is not much I would not consider trying. All too often, I have tried to discuss sex with the people that surround me, wanting to know their sexual likes and dislikes, their passions and pains, but it would seem as though there are too many freaks out their that are scared to admit just how freaky they are.


Moving forward, I would hope that you could all be brutally honest about how you feel about sex and the other kinky questions I ask. Not because I get some kind of kick from having you expose your inner most desires, but because I want you to encourage you to challenge yourself by pushing your sexual boundaries until you are able to admit that some of the nasty and perverted things you thought you would never consider trying, you now love and cannot go without.

Yes, I sell a wide variety of twisted, tenacious toys, lingerie, lubes and lotions and yes I would like to share my favourites with  you all, but while growing my business is a goal of mine – I can assure you that sharing my sexual views and the views of others as well as breaking the judgement that surrounds BDSM is far more important to me.

I want you to be able to watch porn freely, with or without your partner. I want you to look at the strange and ominous hook that you thought belonged in the kitchen and know exactly what purpose it serves and how it can help you to reach a new level of satisfaction. I want you to be confident enough to tell me and others that seeing the marks left behind by rope having been tightly coiled around her body gets you off like nothing else on earth, but more than anything, I just want you to be your sexual, sated self.

BE OBSCENE LADIES AND GENTS!!! You know you want to be 😉

Ben Wa Bliss

It’s the shift that you feel deep inside with each miniscule movement you make… It tickles and taunts your imagination, forcing all of the filthy fantasies you fight so dismissively to keep at bay, to come rushing to the forefront of your panicked mind…


(Rope nibbles at your wrists and ankles as you struggle to accept the fact that, not only are your arms pulled through your thighs to blindly meet your feet, but a perfectly carved glass plug has been pushed slowly into your tight, innocent ass, while you are able to do absolutely nothing about it.)


You flush hot crimson and ‘guilty’ feels as though it has been tattooed on your forehead as you realize that you are being watched… All muscles clench doing nothing to help ease the bubbling frustration within your soaking wet sex… fantasies winning the battle once more…


(With your cheek pressed firmly against the cool tiles, anticipation rises in your gut. A warm hand is welcomed by your goose pimpled skin and carefully makes its way up the back of your vulnerable thighs, closer and closer to the body part that craves attention most.


You squirm nervously while the plug is twisted to turn inside you. Moist fingers cup your sex as you realize that staying on your knees might be more of a challenge than you once thought.)


They say that silence can be both deafening and golden – which is it to you?


Do you thrive on the thought of how filthy he just might get when compelled to help you keep your mouth shut as you teeter on the edge of consuming satisfaction? Does it make you shift in your seat to imagine his fingers clamped desperately around your throat, your mouth unable to utter a single sound except for your very last breath escaping terrified from your lips?

Oh how scrumptious that which we are taught to believe is wrong as children can be once we become adults – not due to age but pure demented, twisted, wicked and wonderful experience.


Deafening silence lends itself to limp limbs and yawns of boredom. It mocks your desire, your sexuality, releasing uncontrollable bursts of laughter at you as you try – in vain – to thrill, and ultimately spill, yourself and your partner.

I say, suspend it, arms and legs clamped. Watch it panic, its anticipation growing. Tap your palm with that strategically studded paddle, allow vengeance to extend a threatening glint to your eyes… There is no place for silence here, unless – of course – it is forced upon a soon to be pile of quivering human release and relief.


Be Obscene – Because simple, relentless and complete pleasure never comes quietly.

The Bite of the Beast

There are many complexities in life. Puzzles, riddles, acronyms, abbreviations… People, above all, seem to be the most rigid Rubix Cube to solve. Irritation and hatred become lust, often love. Some of our greatest hardships lead us to our greatest triumphs… While our most horrifying nightmares are able to form a fantasy from the simple truth.


Metal clamps wrapped in a layer of silicone thin enough only to tease you with mercy, not by any means surrender it. A master puppeteer smirks while your moans, groans and squeals of delight, surprise and pure shock entice him to tighten… jiggle…tug at the only connection between himself and the pretty puppet he craves most.

Pink little puppy noses get harder, more sensitive as you begin to feel as though you simply could not handle another pull – Pain shakes it’s head at you mockingly, while Pleasure’s knees continue to weaken, like a giddy little high school whore at the sight of her juvenile jock – could you possibly be climaxing from this???


The sensation you have been longing for… craving… needing… starts building in your groin – sweaty palms cling to the sheets as if your life depended on it. Just when you begin to believe that you couldn’t feel more tensely wound up – like an elastic band stretched to capacity, on the verge of snapping – he shoves his entire length deep inside you and you collapse around him, short of breath and completely bewildered by the fact that what is written in controversial ‘romantic’ novels and what is depicted in your most treasured movie moments – can actually occur in reality.


Be Obscene – Because your dreams really do come true.

Fancy Footwork

What tickles you pink? A woman straight off of the cover of Vogue with long, perfectly defined stems that you feel would look best wrapped around your neck – you buried balls deep inside her? A pair of deliciously plump and puckered lips – on her face or, even yummier, between her thighs? Your very own Christian Grey with large, well-manicured hands, furnished with fingers long enough to make your ex feel feminine?


Or is it, by some chance, possible that the thought of having her slide her foot (prepubescently pumiced, nails varnished in a colour that tugs enticingly at the dark desires tingling in your groin) over your sex – her toes teasing the tip of your hastily growing member as you realize that lubricant does, in fact, have a greater purpose – is what you truly crave?


Is it not purely fantastic that we, as basic sexual Neanderthals, are able to find such beauty in a body part that most consider important enough only to decorate with shoes?


Be Obscene – Give in, give up, surrender, normal should never be the standard!


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read the word choke? Take your time… allow the word to roll slowly off of the tip of your curious tongue – C.H.O.K.E


Do you paint the comedic picture of an anxious, yet too exhausted to care, waitress awkwardly hunched over and obese, spluttering regular as he desperately attempts to free the smirking chicken bone from his lard enveloped wind pipe, in vain?


Do you imagine the sports team you have cherished and celebrated since you first learnt to cheer, mournfully trudging through bruised, abused blades of grass… After having won every single highly anticipated match leading up to the grand finale – which you, the die hard supporter – wearing none other than a clown wig and a badly painted face – know in your heart of hearts they simply cannot lose – they do of course, end up losing.


Or do you immediately envision being on your knees, both of them burning as you rock back and forth on the unforgiving carpet, while you prepare for the gagging, gasping, gobbing and grinning that comes with the satisfaction of having him shove his sturdy, swelling sex to the back of your throat – your eyes alight with delicious panic.


Sometimes, it simply takes someone of the same, filthy mindset to set your soul on fire – to make you see that your depravity, is in fact, not that depraved after all!