Three’s A Crowd… Truthfully???

There aren’t many couples that would ever consider adding a third person to a delicious party of two… but for those yummy enough to venture out into the unexplored lands of the most twisted – it can become a thrill ride unlike any other!


While I might be young, I can safely say that I have had a great deal of experience… and this had lead me (as a married 22 year old) to believe that the amount of pleasure you apprehensively jot down in your disgustingly naughty journal, from the age you gave up your virginity – as easily you now would your mother in law – to the age that you suddenly realise a Zimmer Frame has become a basic necessity.. is entirely up to you!

Do you really care about what others think about you? When the slurring slut in the corner mentions that she is feeling for a little anal after a large, spicy taco – do you cringe? Or do you admire her for her courage to openly admit what it is that her inner kitten craves??


You see, there are many fetishes that we tend to snarl and snicker at without actually giving them the time of day.. I mean, do you honestly appreciate how delicious it is to simply utter the secrets you come to alone, while your husband is at work, to friends that have all too often suspected your German ways but never truly understood them?? Sharing really is caring – and boy oh boy ladies and gents – do I suggest you share 😉

This weekend, I encourage you,,, no – DARE you – to experiment with something out of your comfort zone… look back on these days and smile while blushing at the thought of how much of a whore you really can be, without shame – as your master watches, when you trust your instincts and inner most desires…


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