Fear and Loathing in the Bedroom

While writing articles about fantasy and what my sexual dreams may or may not entail has been fun… I have decided to take the more realistic approach.

bite-black-and-white-lips-photography-sexy-favim-com-225270 (1)

You see, sex to me, whether kinky or vanilla, comes naturally. It is an act that I am not afraid to embrace and short of scat, there is not much I would not consider trying. All too often, I have tried to discuss sex with the people that surround me, wanting to know their sexual likes and dislikes, their passions and pains, but it would seem as though there are too many freaks out their that are scared to admit just how freaky they are.


Moving forward, I would hope that you could all be brutally honest about how you feel about sex and the other kinky questions I ask. Not because I get some kind of kick from having you expose your inner most desires, but because I want you to encourage you to challenge yourself by pushing your sexual boundaries until you are able to admit that some of the nasty and perverted things you thought you would never consider trying, you now love and cannot go without.

Yes, I sell a wide variety of twisted, tenacious toys, lingerie, lubes and lotions and yes I would like to share my favourites with  you all, but while growing my business is a goal of mine – I can assure you that sharing my sexual views and the views of others as well as breaking the judgement that surrounds BDSM is far more important to me.


I want you to be able to watch porn freely, with or without your partner. I want you to look at the strange and ominous hook that you thought belonged in the kitchen and know exactly what purpose it serves and how it can help you to reach a new level of satisfaction. I want you to be confident enough to tell me and others that seeing the marks left behind by rope having been tightly coiled around her body gets you off like nothing else on earth, but more than anything, I just want you to be your sexual, sated self.

BE OBSCENE LADIES AND GENTS!!! You know you want to be 😉

2 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing in the Bedroom

  1. Very true. My wife and I separated earlier this year and in spite of suggesting I enjoy this kinda stuff she wouldn’t engage much beyond BDSM ultra lite. I’ve had a few dates since and after the ice is broken, some of the people have been open enough to express this ‘hidden’ side to themselves…though often it takes a drink or two. It’s out there, it’s just about people being confident enough to own up to it or even simply trying it.


    • Thank you for sharing Bill.

      Often it takes a catalyst like a drink or two to get things going – there are things that I never in my life imagined I would be into, until I started meddling in the world of BDSM.

      The experience has been both awakening and so so satisfying, not only physically but mentally too.

      Knowing what you enjoy most and not being afraid to admit it is just incredible!

      Sorry to hear about your wife, at the end of the day, as cheesy as it may sound – everything happens for a reason and I am glad to know that your experience has changed.

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