Ben Wa Bliss

It’s the shift that you feel deep inside with each miniscule movement you make… It tickles and taunts your imagination, forcing all of the filthy fantasies you fight so dismissively to keep at bay, to come rushing to the forefront of your panicked mind…


(Rope nibbles at your wrists and ankles as you struggle to accept the fact that, not only are your arms pulled through your thighs to blindly meet your feet, but a perfectly carved glass plug has been pushed slowly into your tight, innocent ass, while you are able to do absolutely nothing about it.)


You flush hot crimson and ‘guilty’ feels as though it has been tattooed on your forehead as you realize that you are being watched… All muscles clench doing nothing to help ease the bubbling frustration within your soaking wet sex… fantasies winning the battle once more…


(With your cheek pressed firmly against the cool tiles, anticipation rises in your gut. A warm hand is welcomed by your goose pimpled skin and carefully makes its way up the back of your vulnerable thighs, closer and closer to the body part that craves attention most.


You squirm nervously while the plug is twisted to turn inside you. Moist fingers cup your sex as you realize that staying on your knees might be more of a challenge than you once thought.)


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