Latex and Lubricant

There is a beast inside each of us that craves being tamed, the thrill of the hunt is merely a distraction… it wants to be caught, cornered and conquered – broken, bent and bruised – defeated, disarmed and DOMINATED!


What is your tool of torture? Are you brave enough to admit that each crack of the plaited, suede flogger you purchased no longer than ten minutes ago, sends shivers down your spine and tickles the demon that begs you to use it on the helpless individual that lay bound before you.


Do you thrive on watching your victim squirm, restraints taught, mocking his/her feeble attempt to break free, while all they truly want is to have no choice other than to obey every command.


Nipple clamps, gimp balls, wooden paddles, canes, blindfolds, anal plugs, cock cages, whips and your imagination – what will you choose?

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