My Valentine


I am never easily satisfied,
Forever wanting more.
I could have him twice or thrice a day,
And still find a reason to open that drawer.

The drawer that we all have somewhere hidden,
that screams our name and houses our sins,
The drawer that could be a box under your bed,
that is filled with the most deliciously naughty things…

While, on Valentine’s Day, you dream of chocolate and flowers,
I dream of whips, masks, vibration and chains.
while, for Christmas, you hope for diamonds and cashmere
I hope that he will make me come, again and again and again!!!

I cannot begin to explain what it is that has made me this way,
all I know is – I crave the Obscene…
I cannot start to explain exactly what it is that I need…
But let’s start with how loudly you make me scream.


The Forbidden

Sharing. Something that any respectable parent teaches their child from a young age. The reward? The reason? Merely because it is the “nice” thing to do, and so we plod along through life, handing our worldly goods over to suspiciously smiling strangers for them to damage and return in a condition that leaves you wanting to force feed them the remnants while they choke.


Now, as we become older and wiser, we seek to share, but rather with consequences that are far more satisfactory… What is your favourite way to let go and give? Do you imagine it being with another man or woman?


Will you embrace your bisexual side and finally find out what it feels like to slide your fingers slowly in and out of her sex, as she gets wetter at the sight of him behind you, fully erect, throbbing and ready to part your lips?


Will you take a gamble and allow yourself to be vulnerable? Not just to one man, but to two… Allowing them to make you feel like the sex goddess you endeavour to be, nervously hoping that they won’t get lost – in the waves of testosterone that replace, what ordinarily represent brain waves – at the sight of your bare, lust inducing body?


Whatever your preference, don’t be afraid to try everything at least once. Know that you have explored each alley of your darkest desires on the map to the ultimate sexual awakening.


Be Obscene – Never judge, never be judged.



I don’t know what it was the first time I met him that made me so wet… That had my insides tied up in deliciously quivering knots… the kind of knots that can only be released by the soul wrenching orgasm that leaves you smiling in a satisfied heap of damp and tingling skin, without a care in the world.

I wouldn’t say that I believe in love at first sight necessarily, but I most definitely believe in cum-at-first-sight. More than ready to have him slide deep inside me, pressed gingerly against his office desk, my nipples rock hard and alert from the polished surface and the breeze teasing me, cooling my wetness, I knew now, more than ever, I would give myself without hesitation.


After finally having tasted every inch of him, after having him fill me, thrill me and spill me all over the length of his heavenly sex, the lust and anticipation still remains, more raw and exposed than ever before – not a sexual secret between us.

Can you call yourself brave, bare and beautiful? Do you know what it is like to surrender, risk everything and dig deeper than ever before? If not, I suggest you start.


Be Obscene – Because life’s too short to be anything else.


There are those occasions when we just so happen to find ourselves alone, with time to spare and simply cannot resist the urge to give in to touching, discovering and celebrating all things hard, wet and wonderful.


No matter how many times he manages to have you screaming his name, trembling knees and swollen lips (yes, both sets) to boot… No matter how raw and completely emptied she might be able to leave you – we are by nature, considered to be mammals – so let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel!


Ben Wa balls, cock rings in every shape and size, vibrating eggs and silicone in forms that would leave, even those most familiar with the porn industry surprised…


Be Obscene – Never deprive yourself of something that ultimately, should be embraced and adored!

Latex and Lubricant

There is a beast inside each of us that craves being tamed, the thrill of the hunt is merely a distraction… it wants to be caught, cornered and conquered – broken, bent and bruised – defeated, disarmed and DOMINATED!


What is your tool of torture? Are you brave enough to admit that each crack of the plaited, suede flogger you purchased no longer than ten minutes ago, sends shivers down your spine and tickles the demon that begs you to use it on the helpless individual that lay bound before you.


Do you thrive on watching your victim squirm, restraints taught, mocking his/her feeble attempt to break free, while all they truly want is to have no choice other than to obey every command.


Nipple clamps, gimp balls, wooden paddles, canes, blindfolds, anal plugs, cock cages, whips and your imagination – what will you choose?