There are certain smells that remind us of how good it is to open something new… The whiff that comes after opening a fresh tin of tennis balls, the way the scent of freshly cut grass seems to give you the sense that all is right in the world… and the aroma of anticipation that circles your first order of carefully selected sex toys.

After the contents of the box, innocently seated in the corner of my room, spent ten minutes tapping on my shoulder like an insistent and impatient toddler at Christmas, I couldn’t help but inspect each item and watch my fantasies unveil before my very eyes. Looking back on it, perhaps I was the toddler, not the box… after all, how could it possibly be innocent? 


Wrist and ankle cuffs with a plush lining… Mmmm I can see myself wearing these. Being limited, caught like a deer in headlights, unable to face anything but the loss of control, being violated and having no choice but to give in to letting him have his way with me.

A  delectable variety of Ben Wa balls, bright colours, some hand crafted in glass – one of my personal favourites. The intensity of the orgasm that looms inevitably with the occasional shift and slide of them deep inside you throughout the day, does not compare to any other… 

A black and red, suede wrapped whip… It’s tassels neatly folded in its impeccably compiled cardboard housing, make me lust after knowing what they would look like dishevelled and frantic after I have been bent, bare-arsed before it…

My mind is reeling with the possibilities that these perfectly shaped little gifts from a world of, what is ordinarily considered sinful, hold… What is your toy of choice???  



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