I have known her for quite some time now. Her thick mop of mahogany curls, caramel skin and deep chocolate eyes make it all the more difficult for me to forget her. In reality, she is just another school girl in a well kept and picture perfect family but in my fantasies, she is the fountain of youth from which I long to drink.

As we make our way to another mundane day at work, I see the evidence of a smile forming in the corners of his mouth, capable of rendering me weak underneath the rubble of an earth shattering orgasm. Immediately I know that he is going to remind me of how badly I want her, how badly I want to educate, sate and satisfy her. 

Suddenly, the vivid images that invade my thoughts all too often begin to control my mind once more… her breath becoming more shallow with the anticipation of what my fingers, circling her navel, might bring… Her eyes closed as she embraces the sweet caress of silicone on her skin… Him sitting in the corner of the dimly lit room, naked and growing as he watches…



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