Another Day Another Dollar


And so another working day begins. Time for relentless, monotonous emails and phone calls that I barely care to focus on. Instead, my mind, as usual, dwells on the more OBSCENE.

As we drive, I watch his fingers wrap around the top of the gear stick to change its position… All I see is my hand replacing his, wrapping gently around him as he grows… I try to watch him discreetly enough for him not to break away from his thoughts, while I am lost in mine. That thick stubble, those hazel eyes, mmmm, my head is reeling with what his skin feels like against mine… 


All of these day dreams are abruptly disturbed by the ache deep inside me, as  I feel those sweet, little balls move inside. I imagine them smirking at me, knowing just what it is that they are able to do and try desperately to think of a way to make it through the day without some relief…

As a new week begins, what is it that has you wanting more? Will you Be Obscene???



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