Why Be Obscene???


If you have blood flowing through your veins, skin sensitive to the touch and lips that you can’t help but want kissed, then you are a passionate and lustful human being…

One that might like romantic walks on the beach and a candlelit dinner followed by a passionate night of lovemaking, perhaps even one that likes to cut right down to the chase and climb into bed with someone that makes you hard or wet, simply because it is what you desire.


Either way, there will always be the people that are fearful of what they feel and because of that, they judge you. Do you like the sweet and painfully delicious slap of leather tassels on your ass? Do you like to have both your arms and legs cuffed to your bed posts and lose all control? Do you crave being gagged, dominated and suppressed, or are you the one that lusts for making another gag, cower and beg?


Whatever your preference, you should embrace it and never allow anyone else to make you feel as though your deepest, darkest fantasies are depraved or wrong… The truth is, even though some might find this far too liberal or selfish, that we are here to be happy. That life is too short not to celebrate our sexuality with people of the same mind… That if you want to bend over and be taken in every single room of your house there is nothing wrong with it and that you should do it without having to think twice…

sexy comment couple

So here’s to a weekend filled with debauchery and making our wildest fantasies a reality… Here’s to the start of many more juicy articles that will educate, entice and enlighten you sexually… Here’s to you!


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