There are certain smells that remind us of how good it is to open something new… The whiff that comes after opening a fresh tin of tennis balls, the way the scent of freshly cut grass seems to give you the sense that all is right in the world… and the aroma of anticipation that circles your first order of carefully selected sex toys.

After the contents of the box, innocently seated in the corner of my room, spent ten minutes tapping on my shoulder like an insistent and impatient toddler at Christmas, I couldn’t help but inspect each item and watch my fantasies unveil before my very eyes. Looking back on it, perhaps I was the toddler, not the box… after all, how could it possibly be innocent? 


Wrist and ankle cuffs with a plush lining… Mmmm I can see myself wearing these. Being limited, caught like a deer in headlights, unable to face anything but the loss of control, being violated and having no choice but to give in to letting him have his way with me.

A  delectable variety of Ben Wa balls, bright colours, some hand crafted in glass – one of my personal favourites. The intensity of the orgasm that looms inevitably with the occasional shift and slide of them deep inside you throughout the day, does not compare to any other… 

A black and red, suede wrapped whip… It’s tassels neatly folded in its impeccably compiled cardboard housing, make me lust after knowing what they would look like dishevelled and frantic after I have been bent, bare-arsed before it…

My mind is reeling with the possibilities that these perfectly shaped little gifts from a world of, what is ordinarily considered sinful, hold… What is your toy of choice???  


Just Tonight


Tonight, all I want is to have him buried deep inside me…. I want the windows wide open as the raging storm passes to stifle my moaning, my groaning… My oh-so-very-needed release, more than once, more than twice, maybe even more than thrice.

I want to have him use his long, talented fingers to tease me… to slide over me and feel how damp my thong is as it becomes more unbearable to have stuck to me… to feel him push his tongue into my mouth and feel his body respond to the lust for more of me as I drag my nails slowly and painfully down his bare back. 

Tell me that I’m not alone. Tell me that as you read this, you are longing for the more, craving the OBSCENE, wanting to lose control and forget who you are for long enough to lose all sensation in your legs???



I have known her for quite some time now. Her thick mop of mahogany curls, caramel skin and deep chocolate eyes make it all the more difficult for me to forget her. In reality, she is just another school girl in a well kept and picture perfect family but in my fantasies, she is the fountain of youth from which I long to drink.

As we make our way to another mundane day at work, I see the evidence of a smile forming in the corners of his mouth, capable of rendering me weak underneath the rubble of an earth shattering orgasm. Immediately I know that he is going to remind me of how badly I want her, how badly I want to educate, sate and satisfy her. 

Suddenly, the vivid images that invade my thoughts all too often begin to control my mind once more… her breath becoming more shallow with the anticipation of what my fingers, circling her navel, might bring… Her eyes closed as she embraces the sweet caress of silicone on her skin… Him sitting in the corner of the dimly lit room, naked and growing as he watches…


Another Day Another Dollar


And so another working day begins. Time for relentless, monotonous emails and phone calls that I barely care to focus on. Instead, my mind, as usual, dwells on the more OBSCENE.

As we drive, I watch his fingers wrap around the top of the gear stick to change its position… All I see is my hand replacing his, wrapping gently around him as he grows… I try to watch him discreetly enough for him not to break away from his thoughts, while I am lost in mine. That thick stubble, those hazel eyes, mmmm, my head is reeling with what his skin feels like against mine… 


All of these day dreams are abruptly disturbed by the ache deep inside me, as  I feel those sweet, little balls move inside. I imagine them smirking at me, knowing just what it is that they are able to do and try desperately to think of a way to make it through the day without some relief…

As a new week begins, what is it that has you wanting more? Will you Be Obscene???


All The Things

There are these things… These moments, toys, materials and feelings… They envelope and consume me, slowly parting my lips, making me pant, spreading with consuming heat between my hungrily parting legs. All of which meet in the depths of my groin and render me slave to what I crave most.

I close my eyes and envision what would soothe, satisfy, sate my need, smiling at the endless possibilities. I see latex, silicone and leather. I imagine the feel of the mocking sting that comes with the flick of his wrist and what lies firmly pressed against his palm. Yes, a little thrashing never hurt, perhaps his hand could finish the punishment? Although how this has ever been considered punishment I will never know…

What do you see as you close your eyes now? Are you scared to embrace it, do it, let it consume you? Don’t be. Give in. Give up. In this moment, your relief and euphoria matter more than your fear. 


Who says that adults can’t play too???

black white sex pic

What is your colour?
Pink, purple, black or red?

Is it something you share with each other?
Have you ever been strapped to your bed? 

Shapes, sizes and textures that will make you come….
Tastes and sensations that will tickle your senses…
Feel each and every vibration,
Let them help you lose your defences.

Sex should be everything but Vanilla,
It should be dirty, different and passionate
Buy something to make yourself quiver…

I can guarantee that you won’t regret it! 


Who Are You?


We all have façade…
French maid or teacher…
All of them to make him hard…
Will he be your fireman or preacher?

What confronts you when you close your eyes?
Blindfolded and bound…
Do you wish that you could break the ties?
Do you hope that nobody will hear a sound?

As you hear the change in his voice…
You know that the time has arrived…
What will be your outfit of choice?
Don’t leave him deprived.